Party Cove

The party cove on Eagle Mountain Lake can best be described as where boaters come to tie up, relax, and have a good time throughout the summer. This is really where the party is at on the lake.

Location: Eagle Mountain Lake is not a big lake so you should be able to find party cove just by cruising around. If you can’t, the location is on Old Ranch House Slough which is on the northeast side of the lake (middle of the east side of the lake). It’s not hard to find. Look for the boats.

The party cove season typically runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. You can tie up to other boaters or anchor away from others and float on your own.

If you make it over to Party Cove for the day, be prepared to have a good time. But please be safe and wear a life vest when you are in the water. There are times when the lake and alcohol can be a dangerous combination.

Most of hall have a good time and be safe!